Soil Data collected from detailed soil survey from pits at 10000 scales. Soil morphological characteristics and properties such as texture, structure, consistency, mottles, porosity, compactness, pH, color, slope and drainage analyzed in each pit. Texture (sand, silt, clay %), pH, Total N, Available P, Available K, Boron, Zinc and Organic matter analyzed from physical and chemical analyses of soil samples at soil lab.

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is Krishiprabidhi ?
    Krishiprabhidi is a web-based decision support system, maintained by CIMMYT and NARC. Collecting data from different sources and disseminating the information through the government to farmers, agrovets, and other stakeholders like farmers groups, co-operatives. This system includes the data, information and knowledge products (i.e. digital soil map, crop suitability map, Best management practices of 6 crops , and TSM )generated by NSAF in collaboration with Government, co-operatives, private entities, agriculture entrepreneurs like NeFEA ,researchers, farmers and other stakeholders operating in the agriculture sector.
  • Spatial resolution 250m.
  • Collected soil sample data from various sources Data preparation, create covariate layers (Mostly derived from satellite products) Overlay points and covariates and prepare regression matrix, Fit spatial prediction models, Apply spatial prediction models using tiled raster stacks (covariates)
  • The soil maps in krishiprabidhi are created by combining data from Sotter Nepal, National land use project and Soil management directorate.
  • To improve the soil map of Nepal, please consider contributing soil data or you have been involved in data collection, please let us know. Who contributed data is acknowledged and we will be happy to integrate it.

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